“Alignment extended to NFT, DAO’s and Protocol Branding…”

I’m so excited to share this aspect of what I do with the Web 3.0, NFT and Crypto Community.  I’m an OG in this space and have been around since before ETH was invented and now I’m bringing everything I’ve done IRL to the space I like to call home.

 You have an idea, you know it’s great, but you have no idea where to start.  I can help.  The Rabbit Hole of Web 3.0 goes so deep that once you think you know, there’s yet another layer.  When someone is native to these lands, it can help save you time, money, avoid pitfalls or scams, and get up and running when you know the time is right and before you miss the boat.

You understand Web 3.0, you have a team and a concept, and you’re developing out the plan to bring it to the masses.  I can help.  It’s best bring on an Alignment Branding Expert before you get too far down the line to avoid any wasted time or backtracking, but better late than launching and everything going to Zero.  The focus is to make sure that you’re not simply copying what has “worked” or following other projects because “success leaves clues” because that doesn’t really work here.  Not the way you might think it does.  Inaccurately interpreting these “clues” has led many an “expert” and crypto news reporting agency to come to the wrong conclusions.  When it comes to Alignment, it’s something that has worked forever and will continue to work forever because there is something that never changes, and that’s people.  The human-behavior component of utilizing brain chemistry and psychological impulses aren’t going anywhere, they’re just barely shifting form, and that’s where I help.

At this point, I’ve given interviews on the #1 Podcasts in the world, #1 Clubhouse rooms, and to friends, family, and clients.  If you have any questions connect with me and let me know how I can help.  If you just want tips, tell me.  If you’re considering adding a consultant to your team, let me know.  Either way, my goal is to deliver value and help as best as I can. 

Talk soon!
-The Wizard


  • Netflix Writers
  • DreamWorks Writers
  • Animators from WIRED Magazine & Cartoon Network
  • Animators and Graphic Designers on lower-tier quality work
  • BAYC influencers
  • Expert Discord Mods and Marketers


  • If you’re new to the space.
  • If you’re all-set but need help communicating your message.
  • If you’re team is great but you want to make sure everything is in alignment.


  • Assessment of your project to discover any gaps
  • Assistance in developing a strategy that is in alignment with your team, your project, and your audience
  • Help with building your team regarding who the right fit is for your budget
  • Uncovering any ideas you may be overlooking that may be the silver bullet of success for your concept.

Message me for your best odds at being WAGMI.

P.S. If you don’t know what that means, definitely message me. 🙂