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Charlie Rocket

emmy award winner/nike athlete/creator of quantopia

"I feel like you're a wizard who came out of the side of a mountain to talk to me.... This man already changed my life.  My business went to the next level and we spent 8 sessions only talking about me."

Jake Nicks

#1 Door to door salesman in the world. from homeless to millionaire and host of "egoless" Podcast

JB is like the Michelangelo, removing all the stone and walls we have built around our lives.  

Brad Lea

master sales professional coach and dropping bombs podcast host

"JB is the real deal.  He's a character and I think that anyone who has ever been successful in life is a character. I'm a character.  Tony Robbins is a character. JB is a character."

"Do You Feel..."

Unsure of why you DON'T FEEL SATISFIED.  Unclear about why you're not content with the great life you built.  Are you ready for your full potential?

Become Yourself Again - "Time is Expensive, Money is Cheap." -The Wizard

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